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Client Safety

 I  am dedicated to provide the safest services to my clients. I use a variety of topical numbing products to insure your permanent makeup procedure is comfortable with little to no discomfort.   I use only federally approved, allergy-tested pigments that are carefully implanted approximately 1/4 to 1/2mm or less into the skin for permanent makeup enhancement. The pigments are comprised of organic compounds and do not contain any metals or iron oxide.  I use only MRI and Xray  safe pigments. 

 I use micro-implantation instruments exclusively designed for permanent makeup.  These instruments DO require the use safety tips and protective covers to insure the best results and safe procedures. 
All of these products are disposable and are for individual use only.
Before pigments are implanted in the skin, I will do a detailed consultation.  Eye brows are drawn on to allow for clients an opportunity to envision the intended look and enable them to request any adjustments before permanent makeup is applied.
For the clients who may need extra care for scars and other deformed features all options are discussed to create a more beautiful you.
This personalized attention gives you the opportunity to create together the perfect complement to your skin tones, hair color, wardrobe and lifestyle, while simultaneously creating a rejuvenating, anti-ageing, natural look.
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