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   Benefits of Permanent Makeup
The artistic approach of Permanent Makeup by Tina offers a wide array of benefits.  If properly cared for, your new permanent makeup will last for years to come.  Depending upon the color choice, proper care and future health issues.

Permanent Makeup is the perfect choice for individuals who:
Suffer from allergies.
Wear contact lenses
Have vision problems.

Have sustained burns or scars.
Have problems with shaky hands making application of makeup difficult
Dissatisfied with the shape of their lip line or eyebrows
Lead an active or athletic lifestyle and makeup runs or smears
Need to save time in daily routines
Are tired of applying and reapplying makeup throughout the  day
Have a complete or partial loss of eyebrows 
Have a cleft lip, scars or desire fuller looking lips
Want the look they've always dreamed about
PERMANENT MAKEUP by TINA gives you the look you'd like without the hassle of applying makeup.  Enhancement of your eyes, lips or eyebrows can and will make life easier, plus make you look  years younger. PERMANENT MAKEUP by TINA.

PERMANENT MAKEUP by TINA provides many other benefits
Accentuate your facial features to add drama to your eyes with a smudge free, waterproof eyeliner
     Hair stroke natural looking eyebrows are very anti-ageing and compliment the face making your new look a more beautiful you.
     Define your lip line, add fullness and color to your lips.  Tina can do a lip liner, a blended lip liner and add full lip color.
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